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Quality height adjustable desks delivered Australia wide.

Sit Stand Desk

A Sit Stand Desk is an electric, height-adjustable workstation, ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort with minimal risk to health and safety in the workplace. Ausergo sells quality manufactured sit stand workstations available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia wide.

Want to stand while you're working? Simply push a button and your desk rises with you to your desired height. There are numerous benefits to standing while working - increased blood flow and burning more calories to name but a few.  

Select from a range of electric height adjustable workstations.Sit Stand Electric Desk

 Ausergo’s range of sit stand desks are developed to suit specific needs; a regular sit stand desk supports up to 70kg and will suit most standard office or home environments. A Heavy Duty Sit Stand Desk on the other hand supports up to 100kg and is more suited to industrial applications. Both are shipped with your choice of two desktop finishes, or you can purchase the frame alone and add your own desktop.

No matter where you are in Australia, be it Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere across the country, browse the Ausergo range of height adjustable sit or stand workstations and buy online today. We happily deliver nationwide.

Sit Stand Desks

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